Revisiting Chocolat - Celebrate 10 Years of Food 'n Flix!

Join #FoodnFlix in the kitchen as we celebrate 10 years while revisiting our very first flick pick, Chocolat! #FoodnFlix
This month we're celebrating TEN YEARS of Food 'n Flix by revisiting the very same movie we drew inspiration in the kitchen from that first time—Chocolat! The first invitation to participate was short and sweet; I wasn't even sure if anybody would join me. I just thought it would be fun to take all of that delicious inspiration from a movie that I loved into the kitchen. But people did join in! And we had so much fun that we've been doing it over and over again for 10 years.

We've watched at least 120 movies together over the years. We've been inspired by obvious foodcentric flicks as well as some where we had to dig deep to and really get creative in our inspiration. Some movies we've loved, others we'd really rather not remember. Some months we've had a ton of participants, others just a couple. Hosts and participants have popped in and out, have stepped up to take leadership roles when things overwhelmed me in "the real world", and have just lent great support and friendship over the decade. I am thankful for each and every food and movie lover who has been a part of Food 'n Flix over the years!

Want to join us in celebrating the past decade...and looking forward to the next one? All you need to do is watch Chocolat, then head into the kitchen and concoct a recipe inspired by the film. If you really want to dive in, some of us are also going to be reading the Joanne Harris book by the same name that the film is based on (as part of the Lit Happens Book Club on Facebook created by longtime member Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla). If you choose to read it, be sure to talk about both in your post—I'd love to hear your thoughts on how they are the same, how they differ, which was the most inspiring in the kitchen...
Chocolat film
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How to participate in Food 'n Flix:

  1. Watch Chocolat. Taking inspiration from the film, head into the kitchen and create a recipe. (Optional: read the book too!)
  2. Post about it on your blog with a link back to THIS POST. Use of the logo is optional. 
  3. Alternately (or in addition to), post a photo of the dish you made on Instagram (public accounts only). You must include the following in your caption: short intro, recipe (if only posting on Instagram), #FoodnFlix and tag @foodnflix
  4. You must post must be current (during month of film). And of course we don't mind if your post is linked to other events...the more the merrier. 
  5. Have fun with it! 
  6. Email your entries - blog or instagram - to me at "" and include: 
                         -your name
                         -name of blog as you want it written (or Instagram account)
                         -name of the dish/drink you created AND a direct link to your post (blog or Instagram)
                         -attach a photo or give permission to pull one from your post
                         -indicate "Food 'n Flix Submission" in the subject line

Submissions are due by the end of the day on September 28, 2020!

Looking for more Chocolat inspiration? Check out our very first invitation and roundup posts here:
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  1. SO excited about this. I will be (re)reading Chocolat this month, but (re)watched the movie this past weekend. Love it! Thanks for hosting.

    1. I’m super excited for this month as well. Can’t wait to see what you create!

  2. 10 years Heather, that is quite the accomplishment. I love this group and I love participating. Thanks so much for all of your hard work.

    1. I’m so happy that you’re a part of Food ‘n Flix Wendy!