December '10 Flick: Waitress


As Jenna becomes increasingly disenchanted by her unhappy marriage to Earl, she begins to hide money away and set her sights on winning a pie-baking contest, hoping to earn enough money to eventually leave. When she finds herself pregnant, this quandary complicates her plan. She continues to work at Joe's diner, along with her two friends Dawn and Becky, charming customers, putting up with her sour boss, and the one thing she does find fulfilling, create and bake phenomenal pies.
When the new, handsome doctor arrvies in town...with his wife, he finds himself attracted to his pregnant patient, Jenna. Further complicating her situation, she returns and gives into this attraction. As Jenna's pregnancy advances, she realizes she needs more in order to achieve the happiness she craves. Will she find it in the places she's always looked, or will she muster the courage to finally create the recipe to her own piece of joy.
 Watch this 2007 award-winning, delight of a film and get as creative as you'd like with your recipe. Generally submissions deadline would end the last day of the month, but because I'm a few days late with this post, it's okay if you're a few days late with your submission. Please send your submissions, hyperlinks to the post on your website or blog, or pictures, for this month's movie to me, Ree @ (igobyree at aol dot com) by the first of January (or within a few days after) to be included in the round-up.
 Also, don't forget we've extended the deadline for last month's movie, The Ramen Girl, through the end of December. Send your submissions for that movie to Heather @ (girlichef at yahoo dot com).

We look forward to seeing all your delicious creations in the round-up!