Woman on Top ROUNDUP

Well, our roundup this month is short, but definitely sweet!

"All her life, Isabella has suffered from motion sickness. Because of her illness she couldn't play much with other children. She stayed at home and learned how to cook, becoming a renowned chef as an adult. She fell in love with Toninho and they opened a restaurant together, with Isabella stuck in the kitchen and Toninho out front taking the credit." (source Wikipedia) And so starts our movie...from Brazil to San Francisco, Isabella captures hearts with her passion in the kitchen.  Let's see how she inspired us in the kitchen this past month or so...

I (Heather from girlichef) was ready to bring in the sunshine, tropics, and fresh ocean breeze with a colorful bowl of Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew) after watching this fun, sexy chic flick!  Bring on the warm weather.

Kim from Stirring the Pot took some "me" time to kick back with Pomegranate Sodas and a Spicy-Sweet Pretzel mix while enjoying the film!  Well, I am all for "me" time...although I probably couldn't resist the urge to throw a splash of booze in these beauties!

Deb from Kahakai Kitchen made some fruity and refreshing Passion Fruit Batidas that capture the "sexy, passionate, fun feeling of Woman on Top"! Yes they do...and now I wish I'd made some with my Moqueca.

I hope that more people will join us on our next trip to the movies!  My partner in crime, Ree is on hiatus right now, so I'll be hosting the next show, as well.  The announcement will be up soon (though you can take a peek over on the sidebar if you're anxious to get started)...and I'll also be adding a "linky" for you to add your posts to from now on.  

Thanks so much for playing along Deb and Kim!  I'm still thirsting for the Tropics!