November '10 Flick: The Ramen Girl

*Update 12/2/10- we will be extending The Ramen Girl into December and making it a Double Feature month.  You don't have to do both...but we'd love it if you did!  For those of you who have already submitted your Ramen girl posts to me...thank you!  The holiday season can be a bit overwhelming and time flies by so quickly, this is why we're giving more time for The Ramen Girl.  Watch for the other feature introduction from Ree, coming soon!*

Please join us in watching The Ramen Girl this month!   
Buy it, rent it, borrow it...we don't care how you get it, just watch it...devour inspired by it!  Then head into the kitchen and cook up something tasty.

*Please email me the link to your F'nF post (girlichef at yahoo dot com)...or you can leave it in the comment section by the end of NOVEMBER...and then watch for what I'm sure will be a delicious roundup early next month!  I can't wait to see what The Ramen Girl inspires you to make!


  1. Looking forward to it! Should be a fun flick. I see noodles in my future..

  2. I'm so excited to expand my culinary horizons and try making something new and different for me. I'm also excited to see this film! I love Japanese food, but have yet to attempt it at home. This gives me a great reason to try... =)
    Wonderful choice, Heather. I bet this a film a lot of people haven't heard of, like me. Thanks for introducing us to it.

  3. Finally I got it together and can play along!! I will send my link to the lovely Girlichef :-)

  4. I posted my Asian Pesto Udon last night. Comfort and solace in a different kind of noodle.;-)

    Thanks for hosting Heather. ;-)

  5. Deb and Tina, thanks for emailing me your ladies are ON IT! We're extending the time frame for submitting to the end of December...mainly because November got away from me 8/ ....but they'll appear in the roundup at the beginning of January :D