Mystic Pizza RoundUp!

Final lines from 'Mystic Pizza':

Jojo: You know what I wonder?
Daisy: What?
Jojo: What the hell do you think Leona really puts in that pizza?

This month we took a trip back to the 80's to see a film most of us remember watching for the first time, and for some of us, this was the first time.
By the end of the film the only thing we were left to wonder about is what we'd put in our pizza...or soup! Or whatever dish it was this movie inspired for you.

It would be no great surprise to anyone who knew me (Ree @ Milk, Sugar, Musings and Love) that given my first movie selection, I would choose a movie with the word 'pizza' in the title. After all, It is my favorite food that isn't ice cream.

What did surprise me was how creative everyone got this month. Thank you all for getting "Mystic" and your delicious additions to this months roundup.

Heather from Girlichef took her family to the form of her show-stopping Oktoberfest inspired pizza. Although the kiddos would have preferred something more kid-friendly, This grown-up, complex and fabulous pizza is sure to please anyone old enough to enjoy it with a beer!

Inspired by the the setting in the little fishing town of Mystic, Ct. and the strong Portuguese-American influence, Deb in Hawaii from Kahakai Kitchen made this beautiful, and I imagine, perfect on a cool day, Portuguese Bean Soup.

Debbie from The Friday Friends got a lesson in the old adage 'Just wait until you're a Mom' and finally got around to seeing 'Mystic Pizza' for the first time. Inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness Month/ The Power of Pink and Food 'n Flix, Deb made this pretty as a picture pink inspired fruit pizza.

"There are some people that you can count on to have dessert. Every. Single. Time." Writes Cook of the House at It's a Food Life. I have to admit, I'm one of those people, and with this decadent 4 times Chocolate Pizza, I'd be sure to go back for seconds'.

Kim at Stirring the Pot brings a bit of fun with Slut's Spaghetti inspired by our main characters, the "three young-spirited girls who definitely are crazy about men! A classic 80's movie all about coming of age, learning about yourself, life, and naturally, lots of heartbreak. Typical young girls who I'm sure would love this pasta just about as much as they loved their men."

Since Natashya from Living in the Kitchen with Puppies couldn't locate the flick to watch this month, she drew on her memories from seeing the film twenty-odd years ago and made a "a fan-freaking-tastic pizza on a crispy caraway rye thin crust with a cream cheese sauce, topped with prosciutto, grilled pineapple, baby spinach, black pepper and cilantro" that surely blew EVERYBODY away with its creativeness!

It's a favorite in my house: Soft, chewy crust; Lots and lots of lightly browned, bubbling melted cheese and fresh roasted vegetables. With my long-distance (He's in Paris, France, I'm in Boston, Ma.) husband returning for a month stay, I (Ree @ Milk, Sugar, Musings and Love) kept it traditional and made the 24-hour Stuffed crust Veggie Pizza he hasn't stopped talking about since he first had it a year ago.

Thanks again to everybody who joined us for Mystic Pizza this month...I'd love to sit down to a big table filled with all of these delicious interpretations!  
Stay tuned for Heather's introduction to her next pick....The Ramen Girl!


  1. Oh! Everybody's interpretations are so varied...yet so fantastic! I'm hungry for another round of Mystic Pizza...may have to chill and watch it yet again before I head on to the next flick! Delicious roundup, Ree :)

  2. Wonderful round-up Ree! So many wonderful and different dishes. I am now craving pizza--it must be time for lunch. ;-)

    I have to get around to visit everyone's post now. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Wonderful! I am seriously craving pizza now. What great creations, and such variety!

  4. I read about your neat round-up over on Kim's 'Stirring The Pot' blog and would like to ask to join the party and all of the food and film fun! I can't wait to try the recipes that everyone has posted here . . . plus read more of your blog too! I hope someday you might decide to jump over to my get-togethers. Roz @ la bella vita